Friday, November 4, 2011

Prague Travel Attire

As I frantically prepare for San Francisco, and look ahead to my impending journey to London at the end of the month, I keep meandering across cortical folds to warm memories of wondering around Prague. Packing for Prague was a bit of a trick, as I needed a few days worth of professional garb for my business meeting, and had also planned a few days on my own, for leisure, adventure, and exploration. Knowing that I would be walking across the Charles Bridge, visiting the Prague castle and monastery, and potentially visiting a museum or two, I uncharacteristically discarded my typical dresses and skirts and heels in favor of the more sensible, pragmatic, and comfortable jeans and ballet flats. With limited real estate in a suit case, packing silk scarves is a favorite strategy of mine to create outfit permutations when on a trip; silk scarves add a flair to a casual look, and infuse some sophistication to a potentially otherwise drab black suit.

Red shoes, as always, are useful and versatile, especially when pairing with black, brown, camel, and an array of other colors. I have owned a certain pair of red patent leather ballet flats for a few years now, and have surprisingly not worn them to death yet; a perfect choice for touring a city on foot.

Very lamely, I attempted to capture some of the street fashions in Prague; without a professional camera with an advanced lens, and with only amateur photography skills at best, my ventures were quite pathetic. This image is fuzzy, however, I admired the tailoring of the suits on these young women, fitted and crisp without appearing cheap. In European fashion, the silk scarf tied about the neck is a great delicate touch.

In front of the Charles Bridge, walking along the river, Nicole and I posed a few times, feigning models, with pouted expressions and nonchalant veneers. Ridiculous facial expression aside, this light olive and bone striped tee shirt was an ideal choice for my airplane excursion, comfortable and sufficiently stylish.

Spying this charming and darling elderly couple strolling along the street, immediately I desired to capture their navy and red matching outfits. Tourists from Amsterdam, they were enchanted, as I was, with the art and architecture of this ancient Eastern European city. Her silk scarf was a perfect complement to his red, navy, and white gingham shirt; apparently, years of coupling have created a convergence of personal aesthetics.


  1. how great are those pictures...looks like you have one great time!

    xoxo katlin

  2. loving those blazers :)

    hope you had a great trip! x

  3. I long to go to Prague! And the charming elderly couple are sooo cute!


    Erin @

  4. loving your prague posts! lord, i miss Czech!!


  5. I really want to go to Prague, and after seeing your pictures, even more now! That matching couple in the last picture is too cute!

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  7. love Prague such gorgeous and romantic city! hope to visit again! great images, sweets and thanks for stopping by my little Blog! xoxo

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  9. Sounds like you had a great time! I absolutely love Prague - the ladies over there sure do have style!


  10. Prague definitely has style! I went on a city break in Prague last year and I was amazed at the variety of style and culture in and around the city!