Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Light Mint and Navy

This entire week the tunnels of my intestines have been somersaulting and tumbling beneath the echoes of my stomach, in exulted anticipation of my niece, who is due to come out and join us from beyond the realms of gestation anytime now; concentrating on anything else is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, this is also a very frenetic week with client deadlines for two major projects, operating independently and separately, yet in tandem, with a sufficient overlap in content and client procedure to create confusion and headache. Then, there is still the lingering and desperately clinging cold from the weekend, which my immune system is slowly and surely defeating with an arsenal of antibodies. With such a climate, thinking about clothing is difficult, and, obviously and naturally, not at the forefront of consciousness. So, some classic and traditional pieces become the easiest and obvious choices to wear to the office: a cardigan covering a polka dot blouse atop a deep navy blue tulip-puckered skirt with a structured waistband and partially hidden pockets.

Despite all the nerves, tingling along my spine and innards, a few giggles escaped and were captured in the net of the lens by my dear filmmaker. Tonight is the last show of his tour; his band, Double Ghost, has been opening for London-bred Fanfarlo for the Union portion of their tour. Reception from the sold-out crowds has been remarkably positive, which is to be expected, though, still a bit of a pleasant surprise, given that Double Ghost is an experimental, orchestral post-rock outfit who mine inspiration from French philosophers, while Fanfarlo is a fairly typical pop-indie band, not too far removed from the now culturally-cashed-out Arcade Fire. I am still so disappointed that I was not able, through various mishaps, to attend one of the shows, but there is always the future.

The turquoise, pale mint pearls were yet another great discovery from the local church sale I attended a few weeks back; in a whirlwind, I swept across the accessories and home goods sections, a proverbial pillaging of the wares. I have worn these pearls paired with neutrals, both black and camel, which allow them to stand out, however, I really enjoy the slight reflection and inflection of color in the cardigan sweater.

Ordering clothing online, even from a place that I have made an effort to familiarize myself with the sizes buy purchasing in bulk and with frequency, such as Gap, has its occasional foible. I bought this cardigan in both this sea breeze, cool mint and oatmeal; not as long as I would have hoped, instead the larger size seemed to expand exponentially in girth. The only solution so far that I have divined is to wear a thin belt approximately where my waist lives, to remind others, visually, that it does indeed exist and that it is, in fact, notably smaller in diameter than my hips. To date, the plum leather belt has been my favorite choice.

Skirt, to tights, to shoes, in a single hue, one fluid motion, one cohesive look. I have not worn these vintage Ferragamo shoes in awhile, and for shame; each pair is so well crafted, so sturdy and so elegant. They are simply the best.

Tuesday evening sipping tea soundtrack: Sam Cooke at the Copa Sam Cooke


  1. so cute!love your necklace!!
    kisses pretty=)

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    PRETTY BLOG :)))
    Have a lovely one!

  3. Great Outfit. I love it.
    So cute and fashionable.

    Love S.

  4. Amazing necklaces!! Such a beautiful color!

  5. I love your shoes! I can never seem to find Ferragamo's in my size :(

  6. Nice outfit!