Monday, November 14, 2011

Outfit for a Monday: Duo-Tones and Pearls

In my return to the east coast and to the office, I was welcomed by pleasantly warm weather. During my business seeping into pleasure trip out to northern California last week, the details and libations and treats of which will be fully developed and divulged once I have the energy to sort through photographs, I stopped by a recommended local designer-for-cheaper boutique, Jeremy's. Showing surprising and rare self-restraint, induced primarily by my single piece of luggage that was already saturated with various pieces of professional garb, I only purchased a few items. One included this cream and black striped blouse, ideal for the sunny day I spent indoors, meticulously quality control assessing an educational resource toolkit. Not at all surprising, this day of work was about as disconcerting and dizzying as the layered texture and fabric of my top.

Worn frequently throughout the summer and the winter, a camel-bone neutral pencil skirt is a wardrobe necessity.

A number of months ago, I had found a fascinating overlapping pattern of parallel stripes, in an art advertisement in Architectural Digest, during a time when some beautiful and hapless incident led to my receiving a full year subscription to the supremely decadent and divine publication, at no cost. Obsessed with the illusion of slight frenetic movement, of an imbalance amidst an array of perfectly straight and parallel lines, I decided to sketch the same pattern and replicate it on a large canvas with some acrylic paint, obviously lacking in both skill and inspiration to devise my own creation. Somewhere along the way, boredom and business interrupted actual execution.This blouse is essentially the identical concept, visually, though, it was only after I had made the purchase that I even remembered my ill-fated artistic endeavor.

These two-toned pumps are my new favorite shoes, as they perfectly complement the copious amounts of black and, more recently, camel and putty neutral hues that have grown dominant in my closet.

An interesting and refreshing twist on an absolute jewelry classic: in between each large pearl, there is an oblong, scored hoop, in a very light golden plating. This necklace was a great church sale find.

Monday evening soundtrack: Glenn Gould plays Bach and Scarlatti


  1. Cool top! It's so flattering!


  2. i have a pair of shoes really similar to those! :)

  3. This is such a sweet and smart outfit. Your necklace complements your top perfectly.


  4. Very nice. Really like that striped top. And the big fat pearls go so nicely with it!

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  5. h my god! i love the necklace! you look beautiful! :)

  6. Nice stripes!