Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outfit for a Monday: De-Construction of Brown, with Leopard Print

Sometimes, perhaps even most times, my more creatively compiled outfits come together when I am running a bit late, in the shower, rinsing copious lather from long hair, fretting about the potential of traffic, have not given a single thought to what I am going to clothe my body with, then drying off, and I need to make a sudden decision. Although not quite the throngs of a do-or-die situation that may have confronted our newly bipedal hunting and gathering ancestors, adrenaline is rushing and pulsing nonetheless.

On Monday, confronted with this anxiety and a heightened sense of intuition for my closet, I decided on two slightly older pieces, of the tried but true variety: this lighter toned leopard print cardigan and a deep chocolate bubble hem skirt. To invigorate these well worn articles, I paired deep indigo tights and a warm goldenrod yellow sweater shell, complementing the brown, evoking the chromatic components of the whole.

I will probably never tire of this golden snakeskin leather belt; it has proven to accent even the plainest of outfits.

These teardrop drop earrings were a recent find from an antique open house event that I attended with my mother, while relaxing at home over the Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. Lovely, I am obsesed with leopard print!


  2. I love yellow and animal print combo. It's so pretty. I need to get some yellow stuff for myself. It just light up the whole outfit.

  3. First and foremost love leopard print so you already got my thumbs up! Secondly, love the way you've teamed the mustard with this outfit goes soo well together! BTW I'm following your lovely blog right now! Follow me too if you like! xx


  4. beautiful outfit, i like your earrings! :)

  5. hejhej,

    I really think your blog is absolutely great!

    check out mine if u havent yet :)

  6. love the little details in this look!

  7. Love how you styled this cardigan! I have a very similar one from Old Navy and am having so much fun with it :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog <3

  8. Love the leopard!

    xo Ashleigh


  9. Your leopard cardigan is adorable. It adds a lot of interest to the outfit!