Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Niece is Born

Early Sunday morning, my beautiful niece was born, seven full and healthy pounds. Wisely and prudently, the proud and happy new mother and father have decided to abstain from virally sharing photographs of their daughter, her skin soft and pink, her eyes wide and curious. My sister was strong and courageous; the labor was long and surely not easy. I am disappointed, beyond words, that I could not physically be there as a support, but my thoughts did not leave her side for one moment. Seeing a few family photographs from the hospital, tears wetting her eyes, exhausted but exuberant and forever lovely, I, too, cried with happiness at the miracle of the new addition to our family. We are by no means a perfect bunch, humans, flesh and bone, but my niece would be hard pressed to find a family who loves her more.

After the baby shower earlier this summer, she has a plethora of adorable onesies and sleepers to start off, a warm quilt, some plush stuffed animals and a welcoming nursery, but I hope to find something fitting for her over here during my trip in San Francisco. A Scorpio astrological sign, she has a wide range of interesting and opulent scorpion jewelry to look forward to when she is a bit older; this large necklace may be a bit premature.

(image taken from Christie's)


  1. congrats, new auntie! that is so exciting. i can't wait to see pictures.


  2. Congratulations!

    Lynsey Michelle

  3. Congrats honey!!!^^