Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outfit for a Thursday: Blue and White Wrap Blouse

When I was younger, the more funk and spunk I could infuse into an outfit, the better; while I did not emphatically and blindingly embrace trends, at all, I was more prone to transient styles as opposed to classic pieces. Since I have been working, and have prided myself in maintaining a sort of glamorous aura about my cubicle, at least as far as clothing goes, I have grown attracted to and come to rely on classical aesthetics. That being said, I still enjoy a twist, a slight bit of intrigue, an element of funk, subtly integrated into a look, especially an office look, to keep life interesting.

Blue and white striped button-down blouses are a bastion of professional garb; a veritable uniform. This particular blouse is a welcome and pleasant surprise, as it is a wrap blouse, featuring a softer collar line and an intricate sash turned bow. Though it is difficult to discern from the photographs, as I am not always the most diligent and attentive model in the early mornings, the blouse cinches at and accentuates the waist in a most flattering fashion. I am fairly certain this will be working itself into my wardrobe rotation on a regular cycle.

To pair with the new blouse, I chose a pair of wide-leg dark charcoal slacks, as well as a pair of dark gray and silver metallic heels.

I always seem to forget about particular jewelry pieces, then discover them once more, and find myself in a state of elation; this is a wonderful routine, especially as I stress and gnaw over other aspects of my life, those immaterial and emotionally weighty things. This vintage costume piece features pearls and rhinestones, a great glittering combination.


  1. great look ! professional and fun. i love the lucite bangle -- it adds a nice touch.

  2. very elegant blouse!
    check out my blog someday!

  3. oh this necklace's so cute!


  4. totally in love with your blouse and necklace! gorgeous!

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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