Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anthropologie and Church Sales

Last Monday, I paired this new floral skirt, a pattern admittedly evocative of vintage drapes and popular carpet handbags, a find from Anthropologie, with these large coral and brass earrings discovered at a local church sale. Such neat and precise complementing of colors was something I generally avoided a few years ago, fearing that such looks appear packaged and hackneyed; perhaps they do, but, nonetheless, as I dress myself for professional appearances, I find that more and more I tend to partner matching pieces. The skirt is silk and though longer, is surprisingly and successfully not matronly, despite pleats and the embroidered-like pattern. It has a movement, and with a neutral oatmeal cardigan and a silk shell, with a brown braided leather belt, it was autumnal office appropriate. Church sales have always been a source of some of my favorite pieces of statement costume jewelry; one hosted the other week by a local Methodist church did not disappoint. Coral has become a recent fascination, and pairs well with black, camel, brown, and an array of colors across the spectrum.

My relationship with Anthropologie has always been a complex, love-hate one. The impeccably curated, edited, manicured, and produced catalogue and store layouts exude a glamorous bohemian meets metropolitan intelligentsia professional lifestyle that, ostensibly, I should desire. Upon entering, I am greeted with a bevy of merchandise that is beautiful and unique, and seems to belong in an intimate boutique; then I immediately remind myself that this entire look and attitude is massively produced and consumed. The cherry atop this aesthetic and commercial argument sundae: the prices, even for occasional very well-made and interesting clothes, are a bit over the top. Although I can rationally recount all of these flaws, I am hardly able to resist the lure. One of my nearest and dearest, Katherine, will be working here; I am envious of her discount.

Sunday evening lounge soundtrack: "Sukiyaki" Kyu Sakamoto; "Blame it on the Bossa Nova" Eydie Gormé; "Still" Bill Anderson; "Two Faces Have I" Lou Christie; "Just One Look" Doris Troy; "Surf City" Jan and Dean; "Heat Wave" Martha and the Vandellas; "Bosa Nova Baby" Elvis Presley


  1. I miss a good church sale, thrifting on the West Coast has proved a very different game.

  2. I really love the clothes at Antrho but they are so overprices. I haven't bought a lot of things there but if I did, I always waited for the sale.

  3. anthropologie pisses me off, too. i still end up there once a year, tho.