Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gray Cotton and Clear Lucite

For a lazy Sunday, still recovering from my return from Chicago, a cascading outburst of clear lucite, featuring a tried and true favorite chandelier, stalactite-esque necklace as well as brand new, at least to me, rounded lucite earrings. Crystalline decadence.

The earrings are almost an optical illusion; they appear darkened, because they have a silver background that becomes distorted in their convex shape. I found them, delightedly, on my consignment Saturday shopping spree.

This necklace is bodacious and bountiful, and, until now, had always been worn as a solitary piece. Deciding to deck myself in gray cotton, simple and comfortable pieces, I felt justified and incited to grow more adventurous and perhaps even wanton with my accessories.

This plain sweatshirt-like loose tee shirt has been in my closet for ages, and remains soft without pilling, an ideal casual top for a relaxing and lackadaisical afternoon.

I took the train into Brooklyn to pay a visit to my mother, who was pet sitting for my sister and her husband, away enjoying the refineries of life in Paris for a wedding. We went to watch a casual open jazz piano performance at Fat Cat; naturally, given the day, and the city, it was empty. This was understandable, though, for me, remembering certain fateful events of a decade ago was made all the more poignant watching men, young and old, enjoy and indulge in the freedom to express themselves, to share their passions, myself being able to consume and participate, without fear. Though we will not forget, and we should never forget, life, time, marches on, swallowing whole her victims. Music will still be made, poetry written. Lovers will quarrel, and babies will be born to beaming mothers. I can take comfort in these facts; at times, it seems to be all that is certain.


  1. I adore lucite jewelry! great choices!


  2. i love the way your end your post. there is beauty in the world. still

  3. loving this outfit