Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cream Cascades and Some Sparkle

Within the pocket of one of my vintage handbags, a black crocheted casket shape, I found hidden a perfectly smooth, intact, handheld mirror, intended to be used, many years ago, for a quick powder of the nose, a skilled touch up to curving vermillion lips, too perfect to drink or kiss or even speak. I have used this particular purse a handful of times, though certainly not frequently, its quadrilateral cubed shape awkward and almost unwieldy, never before noticing this slight and quite ubiquitous treasure. If it passed between the fingers of another woman, mysteriously, the evidence has been erased or faded; there are no details, if she was elegant or dowdy or brave or intelligent.

For a Friday evening of strong cocktails and laughing conversation, after a long week, I selected this cream dress-blouse, not in anticipation of the archaic hibernation of white in the winter, but rather, in celebration of the coming cool months where crisp white can be freely and garrulously exalted. I found this particular piece during an online shopping frenzy, when Need Supply Co., the boutique I fell in love with in Richmond, and have since embarked upon an impassioned affair, had quite a seductive sale. Purchasing online, during a markedly reduced cost sale period that ordains a no-return policy, is quite an aggressive risk; thankfully, all three pieces I took a slight chance on are perfect.

The black and white Grecian-inspired bangle had a suiting partner in this brand new rhinestone extravaganza bangle, gifted to me on Friday evening by my dear filmmaker. I have a really difficult time resisting anything that glitters, be it gold or a piece of well-preserved, unique costume jewelry. With the cream dress, paired with very light-wash, almost white denim, the heavy black and sparkled bangles contrasted with the fragility and soft movement of the pleated fabric.

When I was younger, my hair always seemed to radiate a sort of blonde, ultraviolet brilliance; this was due, predominantly, to living a life of sun and wind, a life that I now lament and mourn.

Like a stone flint arrowhead, these earrings are thin and come to a sharp point; aside from the large rhinestone center, they remind me of some relic, some artifact dug from the depths of a desert landscape. They are well worn with the black and rhinestone bangles.

My vintage bathing suit Collins glasses are almost ready to retire for the season, to rest on my shelf during the cold and icy months impending, a sure and frozen certainty.

I am still surprised, at myself, for feeling so compelled to purchase these blue-tinted white jeans, on sale, naturally, earlier this season from Gap. They were so immediately removed from my realm of wardrobe comfort, and interest, that I was almost grossly obsessed, allured and repelled. They actually wear quite well, especially when sporting a tunic-like blouse, and thus have a need for an extreme fit at the bottom.

Tuesday evening soundtrack: Ornette Coleman Town Hall 1962 and various Etta James singles


  1. I looove the shirt! Looking very lovely

  2. cute

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  3. cool earrings. LOVE etta james.

    xoxo bun.

  4. your bracelets are so cute! I love the black and white color motif.

    style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer

  5. Love the detail shots, but post one of the whole outfit, especially since the tunic and pants play with proportion. Ahhhh, Need Supply. Good thing I am far from that place.

  6. you're gorgeous! loove the bracelets :)

    XO Sahra

  7. love all your rad accessories piled on here... fantastical:)


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