Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outfit for a Wednesday: Cream and Gold Swirls

To comfort myself from the disappointment of cancelling my weekend jaunt up to Providence, I confided in the all too sweet and warm bosom of shopping, scrounging about consignment and book stores with the filmmaker, specifically finding a number of beautiful vintage finds. With the violent swerved curvature of these gold and cream earrings, they evoke the steadily shifting maelstrom of the hurricane eye, the violent passion of winds and water. Worn with plain black slacks, wide in the cut of the leg, with a slight herring bone texture, and a black blouse, the earrings stood alone.

Black, gold, and cream bangles to complement my new finds, and to add a slight jangle and ring to the look.

Black patent leather is a favorite of mine, particularly for the summer months; these peep-toe slingbacks are a classic pair of heels, perfect for the office, coupled with long slacks, or more casual affairs, elegant and comfortable with skirts and dresses.


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  2. That is a great pair of basic heels!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  3. These slingbacks are so elegant! It is so bad that I haven't worn a pair in years, they are very chic:)

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    Stories and Sequins

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  5. Those shoes are so classic! I just LOVE the vintage clothing patterns on your blog banner! =)

  6. great pop of color with your choice of footwear!