Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Outfit for a Monday: Teal and Purple Flowers

In the summer, and in the midst of an extremely hectic schedule, throwing on a dress with a cardigan is the simplest way to pull together an outfit. Especially when a dress has a bold pattern, having essentially a single piece outfit is easy and, indeed, quite a relief. Between running around for work, visiting my mother who is living in Brooklyn for the summer, preparing for the new baby and watching my beautiful sister blossom, general life planning, and vainly attempting to maintain a social pulse, creative coordination of outfits does not always fit into the mix. Thus, the beauty and simplicity of the dress, here to salvage even the busiest of working women, whose minds are in disarray but are constantly whirling. This particular dress I consider a Betty Draper cut, with broad straps, a fitted bodice, and a modest flouncing skirt; while I would prefer to wear this without the cardigan, it would be out of place in my cubicle, more appropriate for an outdoor garden party. Still, I can spice up my environment a bit with the fun pattern.

The teal background color of this dress is unique, and a nice contrast to the purple. Traditionally, I prefer more jewel tones to pastels, and while lately I have been indulging in either black and white or camel neutrals, or chromatic, light spectrum foundations, yellow and red and blue, it is nice to return to some of my favorite color choices.

Large gold, pearl, and black earrings embellish the look.


  1. I love the way the teal and turquoise go with the gold accessories!

  2. damn girl, who givin good face now ?

  3. You look adorable! You got us hooked on fabulous outfits! However, I'm not a fan of those shoes!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  4. I love this color on you! Cute work outfit.