Sunday, August 14, 2011

Betty Draper Pants, Pearl Bracelet, and Gold Dome Earrings

Lately, I have been wearing pearl accessories frequently; generally, when I wear necklaces, I layer them, so that I have strands upon strands, generally with smaller pearls, as opposed to the recent trend of jumbled and cluttered large pearls. The other day, seeking to emulate the multi-strand look for my wrist, I converted a favorite long strand of small, faux pearls to a bracelet, by merely wrapping it around a number of times. The end result reminds me of the complex biochemical building blocks within our bodies, molecules with primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures. Particularly, the strands of pearls, each itself an interwoven structure of smaller elements, reminds me of histone proteins, packaging long strands of double helical deoxyribonucleic acid, a protein gem dripping in a chain of procreative genetic revelry, to form a nucleosome.

Some of the most elegant, brilliant, and efficient design elements and construction processes can be found microscopically under our own skin, whirring and spinning from mitosis to apoptosis. Naturally, I would really love a dendrite-inspired piece of jewelry.

These gold dome earrings, with a grated texture much like the mask of a modern era fencer, were a gift from the filmmaker; he understands my tastes, though is able to surprise me. I am not sure I would have noticed these particular earrings in a vintage shop, but they are wonderfully versatile and classic. My born and raised, homegrown Garden State hair stylist complimented me on these new earrings; she followed up, telling me she would love nothing more than to shop in my closet. I was flattered, though slightly surprised, as she generally sports more hair salon meets club wear than anything I own; I cannot blame her, however, as she does indeed work in a hair salon. Alas, we are vastly different sizes, as she is quite petite, but perhaps next hair cut I will offer my personal shopping and style consulting services to her; we could begin a barter, service for service.

With my pearl bracelet and gold earrings, I wore my slate gray Betty Draper pants. I purchased these chinos at the beginning of the season from Gap, along with an identical pair in dark navy, and they have become immediate wardrobe staples and absolute favorites for the summer. Although touted as boyfriend-style pants, in reality, they are remarkably slim and fitted, hitting just at the ankle, for my long legs, and thus are reminiscent of the early 1960s housewife slacks. Generally, I wear these pants with some type of pumps; this day, I chose leopard print wedges.