Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Travel Lusting: Suite in the Maldives

With no introduction, provocation, or explanation, earlier today the filmmaker shared the above image with me; upon clicking on the link, the stunning visual seared into my retina, it was immediately clear that introductions, provocations, and explanations were not necessary. Both of us have been aching for an oasis of escape from current geographic and temporal constraints; although an underwater suite at a lush resort in the Maldives is a bit beyond the extend of our collective reach, it is a desirable and lovely concept to contemplate. Mere moments ago, I emerged from the bowels of a conference room, where the temperature had arisen as a result of inflamed and inflated passions and egos during intense discussion, to the point where metaphoric droplets of condensation were accumulating on the glass walls. In other words, frustration, from my perspective, was at an all time high.Now, I would love very much so to be blissfully and serenely isolated and encased in such an underwater suite, amidst the fluid terrain where sharks and fishes reign. Hopefully, my rigorous schedule, and my proclivities towards over achievement, allow for a short break soon. The filmmaker and I are discussing traveling to a local beach this weekend, to spend a day in the sun, surely a welcome respite from seemingly unyielding cubicle fetters.

(image taken from The Luxist)

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