Thursday, July 28, 2011

The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded seas

I have been waiting to wear this outfit for a number of weeks, which seems superficially rather foolish, especially given my frenetic schedule of late and my seemingly slickly slipping grasp of time, sentiments that should foster a Carpe diem attitude; however, no one here across the Union need be reminded of the treacherously warm weather as of late. This shirt is of pleasantly thin and cool fabric, so thin and so almost effervescent, it requires a camisole underneath, particularly if it is to be paraded out and about in the professional arena. The partnering slacks are cream, and are an ideal construction, because they are heavily lined, shielding even the most brazen of underwear. So, given the circumstances of dripping sweat weather, I opted for some delayed satisfaction.

I love the proportions of head and chest in this photograph, captured by the dear and devoted filmmaker; he has an exceedingly talented eye for transforming my awkward moments of hair-fussing and creating something visually elegant.

I purchased this blouse a couple of months ago from a charming local boutique called Need Supply Co., while visiting dear and beautiful friends, Diana and Katherine, in Richmond. With a subtle strip of white sheer fabric, reminiscent of the gossamer delicacy of spider's handcrafted webs, this top gives the hint of skin with maintaining a work-appropriate modesty. Again, the fabric is very light, and the combination of white with subdued cornflower blue is great for the summer.

These cream slacks, which I always refer to as my disco sailor pants, due to their slight flare and their accent buttons along the waist, are quite long, perfect for my long legs, but not ideal when confronted with potentially dragging clean white fabric across the floor or the gravel of a parking lot. With white and cream pants, proper fit is of the utmost importance; looking like a stuffed sausage, a fate that can possibly be concealed with black, is an almost certainty with lighter colors. When it comes to the dress or business slacks that I wear to work, I obviously adhere to a new set of rules, separate from the denim dogma: the pants should be fitted around the waist, give the hips a knowing but not suffocating hug, and allow the legs and the fabric covering them plenty of movement.

This is the outside of Need Supply Co., taken just after my shopping excursion there. In addition to the blouse, I purchased two large stone cocktail rings, one in an opalescent moon color and the other in a warm amber. The urban lodge meets factory aesthetic of the exterior was mirrored within the cavern of the store, featuring clean white walls, high ceilings, industrial clothing racks, and strategically stocked merchandise that was full, while still allowed for lots of browsing. Surprisingly, to those unfamiliar to the culturally rich modernity married to Southern soul of this town, myself not included, this boutique was incredibly curated and appeared, to be elitist, as though it should belong in a major American city. While perusing the wares, I also had the opportunity to glance through the catalogue, which was also beautifully laid out and quite quaint yet stunning. In a nutshell, the best type of neighborhood treasure, right in the backyard. I would love to return, when I am in the Richmond area again, and, for now, must satisfy myself with the email advertisements and lovely online shop.

This gold sailboat pendant belonged to my mother, I believe, originally, a trinket from her mother, who passed before I was born. Though I did not know her, from photographs I know my mother is truly her daughter, wearing the same deep brown eyes and curve of the nose, the same laugh and worry lines on her face, and so this pendant holds some sentimental meaning. Perhaps, this sentimentality is what prompted me to return to Yeats' "Sailing to Byzantium," one of my favorite poems.

These warm caramel toned Frye heels are high, perfect for the long length of the pants

This blouse also features a white fabric tail, which scoops below, creating an asymmetrical hem along the back and the front; it is a unique look, without being overly obvious. The bangles are a mixture of honey toned bakelite and the cream with gold lining that the filmmaker's mother gave to me; I like the interplay of shape, with the flat shape of the bakelite spacer bangles, all stack well together.

Thursday evening Malbec and goat's cheese soundtrack: "Memory's Stain" Cass McCombs; "Judy and the Dream of Horses" Belle and Sebastian; "I.G.Y.," "Green Flower Street," "New Frontier," and "The Nightfly" Donald Fagen; "I Follow Rivers" Lykke Li; "Nomad for Love (Cannibal)" and "God's Love VII" Gang Gang Dance


  1. Your gold necklace is so dainty and sweet and fits perfectly with the vibe of your outfit!

  2. I love your stacked bangles. They're such a chic finish to any outfit!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    totally seeing red

  3. Nice! love your necklace and heels!