Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patriotism in White

Yesterday, in honor of the perceived triumph of no-taxation-without-representation, or, perhaps more accurately, the horizontal translation of control and influence, the filmmaker and I joined a few of his high school friends for a casual and classic back yard cook-out, featuring the traditional and forever true hotdog and hamburger line-up. With the heat and the humidity both palpably present and oppressive, I wore all white cotton, imbuing a subtle and effortless sense of national pride. We took a few photographs as we arrived back outside of my apartment building, just as the light of the golden hour was waning.

I have, at this point, owned this white skirt for a few seasons and it has managed to maintain its refreshing twist to a wardrobe classic: the summer white skirt. It is from Ann Taylor Loft, which as a franchise continually and consistently baffles me with their color palette choices; white and black tend to be a safe bet. Here, the silver stripes are rather subdued, adding a metallic accent without cheapening the already on sale and affordable cotton fabric. As of late, I have been more prone to wear both silver and gold in an interplay of precious materials; yesterday, I opted to stick with the silver, but livened the look with new fuschia, magenta patent leather wedge sandals.

The wicker bag is an absolute summer staple; this particular purse is a vintage find, however, I have noticed many designers reproducing and replicating the look in the recent past, including one of my favorites, the esteemed Ralph Lauren. Wicker immediately adds a quaint charm to any look, even an austere white.

I do not think I will ever, ever tire of this cascading crystal necklace; it is too perfectly and wearably opulent.

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