Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outfit for a Thursday: Back Button Stewardess

Last week, I had intended to pass my hours in the office blissfully and silently sequestered in solitude to write an executive summary report for my recent meeting in Prague; instead, the week proved hectic and frenetic with various business development endeavors. By Thursday, my neurons were firing in utter chaos, having lost any semblance of synchronicity over the past few days of uncertainty and confusion. Somehow, I still managed to rouse myself in the morning, and find something that not only covered my Eden state, but also incorporated some of my favorite professional style elements and recent acquisitions.

This dark navy skirt sits a bit higher on the waist and features a thick band along the top and subtle side pockets. Highly versatile and comfortable, it can easily be worn throughout the seasons; in the winter, I don a pair of navy or charcoal tights, in the summer, I leave my legs natural. Navy and cream are an obvious pairing, especially in the warm summer months.

With a relatively, or seemingly, plain outfit, particularly one comprised of solid color pieces, the patterned silk scarf offers immediate glamor and sophistication; it is effortless and truly pulls an entire outfit together. In the summer, I generally abhor any type of hair or material on the back of my neck, as it frequently serves as a sponge for my sweat, but my office is well air conditioned and quite cool. This scarf is relatively thin, thus does not add too much extra fabric and heat.

Buttons trace my spine along the back of this cream blouse; it also features subtle shoulder pads.

Cream, navy, and gold earrings, pulling together all the colors of this look into a single piece of jewelry.

Caramel, brown, and cream wedge sandals, from a few seasons ago, maintain a favorite place in my heart; these sandals are adorable, match everything, and perfectly comfortable.

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