Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastaille Day Anticipation

Yesterday, in an ethereal, subconscious preparation for French nationalist and patriotic holiday, Bastille Day, I wore blue, white, and red: the bourgeoisie, the clergy, and the nobility, in ancient visual connotations, or liberty, equality, and fraternity, representing the moral bastions of the revolution. For work, I wore a deep navy butterfly, cocoon-style cardigan over the dress, to cover my shoulders and adopt a more restrained, office appropriate look. In addition to the classic navy and white combination, I love this dress for its simple cut and vertical ban pleating, reminiscent of more stylized and wearable window blinds. With the bold red appearing as an accent, in my pumps and my broad bakelite bangle, the reverent salute to the revolutionary thrust of the French people decades ago was a bit more subdued. Coincidentally, my colleagues and I were treated to a celebratory lunch yesterday afternoon, reflecting and congratulating a recent wildly successful program in Paris; unfortunately, I was not able to physically attend the meeting, visit the city, experience viscerally the fruits of my painful labor, however, my shrimp and andouille sausage fettuccine dish was certainly delightful.


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  2. Gorgeous!

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  3. Great outfit, I especially love those shoes!

  4. So beautiful! Love your blog. Amazing dress.

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