Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Black Dress Meets a Long Lucite Chain

During my trip to Chicago, where I scurried about a remarkably large conference center, dodging stodgy oncologists, and since my return, I feel as though I have been enveloped by a blanket of heat. With the weather this warm, I love wearing simple clothing, and, if permissible, as few pieces as possible, so finding business casual, appropriate dresses is always a shopping mission. I found this black Calvin Klein dress at my favorite local TJ Maxx, an oasis of air conditioning and stress relief after so much running around. It, obviously, falls into the little black dress category, while still being conservative enough for the work environment.

Not only has this dress proven to be extraordinarily cool and comfortable, it is perfectly tailored, with a clean look and subtle embellishments. Just beneath the waist, at about the hip, the dress has slight tucks and pocket flaps, which, rather disappointingly, are an utter fa├žade, a charlatan ruse. Above each pocket is a steel gray zipper. Though positioned about the hip region, due to the tight fit of the bodice and about the waist, these minor accents do not add unwanted attention, and serve to accentuate the hourglass curve rather than add awkward bulk. While the dress appeared rather simple on the hanger, I am delighted at how flattering it became when slipped on the body.

With such a high neck and a plain black color, this dress is an ideal vehicle to showcase my long lucite bead necklace. The necklace was a find at one of the local consignment shops in my town, called the Bargain Box; other infamous finds include most of my flight attendant-inspired silk scarves, as well as my backless 1980s Tadashi New Year's Eve dress. All of the proceeds go to benefiting the local hospital, so spending some money is both an aesthetic and a philanthropic venture.

In between the oval, hard candy shaped lucite beads are intricate bronze colored spider web-like beads; though I adore this necklace, with its unique texture and patterns, the long length can make it difficult to wear more often. Hopefully, given how much I enjoyed the look for today, I will be able to locate more plain, higher cut, neutral pieces in my wardrobe repertoire that can highlight this long chain.

Thursday afternoon soundtrack: "My Lord My Love" Antony & the Johnsons; "Bat You'll Fly" Animal Collective; "How to Disappear Completely" Radiohead; "Le Loup (Fear Not)" Le Loup; "At Sea" Electrelane; "Home" Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros; "Highschool Lover" Air; "What Would I Want? Sky" Animal Collective; "Heartbeats" (live) Knife

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  1. i have two black dress that i refer to as my "suit dresses" because they are so helpful for work attire although i do wear them outside of work. they are very simple, making them so easy to play around with where accessories are concerned. i really love the ck dress you found! it is perfect.