Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Truman Capote Party

With warm weather, and pollen, circulating through the air, and the frivolities of summer being carried in swiftly by the sun and the wind, I have been in the mood to entertain lately, to gather friends, old and new, around me, and celebrate, perhaps nothing concrete, but celebrate the beauty imbued in seasonal change, in evolution, in decay. Celebrate the floating faces of the flowers, the triumph over April's cruelty, celebrate the call of the sweet bird of youth. Truman Capote hosted infamous black and white themed parties, an entertainment aesthetic I would love to emulate. This black and white dress could be an ideal candidate for such an event, however, also serves as a great patterned piece for the work wardrobe.

The dress is made of silk, so although it is from a few seasons past, it has aged remarkably well. Obviously, the black and white combination does not fade from style, and though a busy, frenetic pattern, it is not overly bold or obnoxious due to the neutrals.

I wore this dress as a camisole underneath this black Italian tuxedo-style jacket, and paired with wide leg black dress slacks. Originally, I had intended leaving the dress, now camisole, untucked, however, once I actually tried the look on, decided to tuck the dress into the pants, as the jacket has a longer cut, and the layered hems of jacket and dress would have created awkward proportions. Once tucked in, the dress had a loose, blouse feel to it, and looked much more polished than had I left it out. As a whole, the outfit was comprehensive, even though each piece had been acquired from a different location and time.

My tuxedo jacket features slightly silken lapels and buttons, as well as bracelet, or muff, length sleeves.

Layered chunky bead necklaces in black and white, each with gold accents, to add some additional texture to the black and white fabrics.

Matching black, with gold barbed wire, and white bangles, to complement the heavy necklaces and contrast with the soft silk dress and jacket.

Finally, the weather permits an open-toed shoe; these heels are generally a bit too strappy for the office, but given the long length of the black dress pant, the shoe was a mere hint, only mildly exposed. I have to give particular thanks to my mother, who shares me shoe size and supreme narrow foot shape, who consistently orders heels, wears them once to various events, generally in misery since she loathes heels, then bequeaths them to me.

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