Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Polka Dots and Pearls

Yesterday, I debuted this brown and white polka dot dress; the polka dots vary in size and are arrayed in such a fashion that they form sort of meta-polka dots. I had an early morning teleconference, so unfortunately was not able to completely capture the dress to show the overall pattern; it is truly unique and visually alluring, different from uniform dot size. The dress has a high neck and is sleeveless, cinched slightly at the waist, about knee length, and features two puckered pockets on either side of the hip. Since the pattern is rather busy, the pockets are not immediately noticed, but are a darling added flair.

Where the dress cinches at the waist, there originally was a very thin, also polka dot patterned accent belt; as is the case with most attached belts, with either suits or pants or dresses, it was cheaply made and did not exactly have a buckle, or any other means of functionality to it. So, I replaced the thin fabric belt with this heavy leather belt and brass buckle. Over the dress, since it is sleeveless and the weather is still mostly chilled, I throw on a cobalt blue wool cardigan, which I left unbuttoned to highlight the belt and dress pattern.

These vintage pearl earrings subtly mirror the pattern of brown polka dots: the pearls vary in size and are arranged in a larger circular shape. More meta-polka dots.


  1. omg, these earings are amazing !

  2. so lovely earrings!


  3. I really love the polka dots and pearls! Classy look!