Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Last night, rather, just before rising this morning, during those ephemeral moments of sliding between sleep and wake, when dreams and other such mental visions and illusions become most harried, most desperate, sometimes most acute and cogent, sometimes most obscured, I dreamt that, while attending a business meeting at my childhood friend's father's house that then morphed into some bizarre family reunion event, I was swimming in an indoor pond pool with three large orange tigers. The pond was lined with opulent merchandise of gold, and translucent crystal wine and cocktail goblets of various shapes and sizes. I skimmed across the cool water's surface, surveyed the merchandise for sale, and harbored no inherent fear for the large, powerful beasts circling the pond's perimeter, mirroring my swift strokes.

Yesterday, I was perusing the Atlantis Dry Goods online store, lustfully and thirstily, but knowing that my budget permits me no wanton spending for the time being. I was particularly struck with the above golden lion choker, a Judith Leiber piece that is truly one of a kind. Priced at 450$, looking and lusting and imagining is all I can content myself with; however, I have a similar styled golden tone elephant choker, found in a trove of basement junk in some store in Baltimore near my parent's home. Perhaps it is time to bring that elephant necklace into more frequent rotation; I especially enjoy wearing such a bold gold piece in the warmer months, with all white.

As difficult as it was for me to navigate away from the Atlantis Dry Goods store, replete with unique vintage pieces to make any fashionista quiver and quake, and make fiscally responsible decisions, I suppose I shall just have to grin and bare it, for now.

(image taken from Atlantis Dry Goods)

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