Thursday, March 3, 2011

Outfit for a Thursday: Inspired by Ferragamo

Contrary to the many, many pages in the Oxford English Dictionary, the logophile and bibliophile's dogmatic tome, there are few words in the English language to describe how strongly I feel about the Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011 collection, presented during Milan Fashion Week. It was in no way watershed, and it certainly was not colorful, bizarre, obscure, technologically or aesthetically pioneering; it was, plain and simple, beautiful structuring and beautiful garments. It was everything that has been pushing me lately, in terms of style, namely Truman Capote black and white, and a feminized, sexualized interpretation of traditional men's wear, with a dash of typical Italian glamor and attitude. So, in essence, shoulder-padded suit jackets, delicately cropped suit pants, fur, plunging necklines, interplay of various black and white textured patterns, pencil skirts, and some classic pumps.

The subtle cropped pant with the plunging neckline give this suit a fresh, edgy look; sadly, the rather bold and chunky necklace the model sports is oddly reminiscent of the one I lost to the jewelry deities earlier this morning.

The skirt is broader, more plaid-like pattern, but instead of contrasting with the jacket and blouse, all work in tandem, with cohesion from the simple, elegant black and white.

Black monochromatic outfit with attitude, black fur, yes and yes. This blouse is sheer, exuding an even more alluring air and offering a bit of conflict with the heavy outerwear.

I love the light charcoal featured here, as well as the precision of the proportions with the long overcoat and the pant. Although she is covered, there remain the overt hints of hip and thigh, a progeny of Eve encased within.

The high neckline of this jacket turned dress, coupled with the naked leg, is sexy and suggestive, formally so, without traipsing toward lewd or loud or lavish. Clean and sleek perfection.

The use of pattern here is incredible; it seems as though it should be ludicrous, but it works, and curves along her waist and thigh. Mirroring the hounds tooth utilized earlier in the more masculine suit looks is playful, evoking a career woman that can also wine and dine on the town.

Plunging neckline again, with a severe fabric; perfect modern interpretation of traditional suits.

The look is simple, but the detail and the flow of the skirt keep this new and fresh; though they are difficult to see, I am sure the shoes are to die for as well.

I have yet to experiment, but certain women can really pull off a tuxedo exceptionally well; I fear my chest is a bit too endowed for this to ever be a flattering option for me.

White fur, and more playful patterns, again with the plunging neck.

Despite the chaos of this morning, detailed in the bound to be shockingly offensive earlier post, where I liken my white girl, young professional, first world trials and tribulations of broken necklace, tedious job, and hole in the ceiling of my running-water bathroom to the colonization, Christian indoctrination, and cultural bleaching of Nigerian tribal cultures, I was able to snap some photographs of today's outfit. Once again, my handsome photographer had the morning off, and as I was feigning off the repairman and despairing over broken belongings, these images definitely leave something visually to be desired.

Essentially, I paired a small pattern hounds tooth pencil skirt with a red blouse, tucked in, and a black tie cardigan, which ties directly at my waist where the pencil skirt ends, illuminating the hourglass. Inspired by the exploration in mixing patterns performed by Mr. Ferragamo, I wore a polka dot silk scarf.

I enjoy a very small print, tight hounds tooth pattern.

This scarf is actually what I term a necklace scarf; it forms a single loop, so it never needs re-adjustment during the day. I have had it for years, since high school perhaps, and have not yet tired of it.

To make the look complete, my favorite vintage Ferragamo kitten heels, in a shiny black fabric, featuring the gold plate and small, delicate bow.

Last, but not least, gold rose earrings; these have a great shape, very three dimensional, and thus have almost a sculpted look. It is as though real roses were bathed in liquid gold and allowed to dry in the sun. I found these a few months ago, once again at the consignment boutique down the street, for probably 3$, and wear them to the office quite frequently.

(Salvatore Ferragamo images taken from Fashionologie)


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  3. ~those outfits would pack some punch in your work place wardrobe