Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit for a Monday: Cannot Trust that Day

Outside the window was gray; as I pulled my seemingly endlessly tired limbs from the warm and loving clutches of my bed clothes, I assumed a morning rain, and was instead greeted with wet winter snow slush and sleet pouring from the gaping mouth of the sky. I stood there, aghast, for a moment or two, before begrudgingly deciding to continue on my typical Monday trajectory to the office, and not to climb back into the confines of my bed haven.

This week will prove a busy and harried one; I am cramming many hours of work into four days, so I can escape, ever briefly, for a sojourn to Providence, Rhode Island this weekend, for a long overdue visit with one of my best friends, Rebecca. Being a bustling Brown graduate student, studying English literature, she is terribly busy as well; we are both looking forward to the reunion.

As has become almost customary, in light of this tempestuous schedule, the photography will leave something to be desired. The main attraction of my Monday look, picking out a playful outfit being one of the sole activities to combat the morning drear and lift my wearied spirits, is a new suit jacket, discovered this past weekend at a stealth location consignment shop. The shop was tucked away in a quiet house on an even quieter side street, and I lament not stumbling upon it sooner; almost immediately upon passing the threshold, I had a handful of lovely treasures.

A fitted, shoulder-padded creamish camel and black striped suit jacket, with shining round flat buttons and slight front pocket detailing. I paired the jacket with a simple black suit skirt, some opaque black tights, and a pair of low black leather heels, with a rather exaggerated point.

The buttons were difficult to capture accurately, but I really enjoy the slight trimming of gold around the almost onyx black.

Monday morning commute soundtrack: "The Garfield El" the Fiery Furnaces; "Bad Sneakers" and "Kid Charlemagne" Steely Dan; "Much Finer" LeTigre; "Interstate 8" Iron Horse (Modest Mouse cover)


  1. awesome blog! following, follow back and enter the 'Queen No Crown' jewelry giveaway!


  2. ooh love it!

  3. Beautiful jacket! Really like it.

  4. ooh it rained where you were? yuck! what a way to greet spring. it rained here but, because I have no windows in my cubed office, I had no idea...

  5. awesome jacket, so cute


  6. the details are beautiful; very french
    love how you combined it with the gold brooches !

  7. Absolutely adore this jacket, you always have suck luck thrifing