Monday, March 14, 2011

Damsel in Distress

Still reeling in the stresses of owed federal tax money, and quaking in the natural geological horrors and might and devastation continuing to be inflicted on the island nation of Japan that I have been vicariously experiencing with media bombardment, I have been more than distracted from mundane daily tasks. Today, dashing out the door at a ridiculously late time, I forgot my lunch. The filmmaker strikes again with his chivalry, and delivers a sandwich to my office, without question or hesitation. I hope and pray that this type of expedient and selfless and generous response is bestowed unto the Japanese people and government, by others more fortunate, as they begin the slow healing of these wounds, and begin to repair their society and spirit.

(image taken from The Chicagoist)

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  1. You have a beautiful writing style. And that cover still looks good today!

    xx Cristina