Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter White

Some of my absolute favorite pair of earrings, and a cream skirt I wore Saturday night for dinner, drinks, and dancing with some friends in Brooklyn. I absolutely love the slight variation to traditional polka dots, and the slight hint of yellow, which I generally can only wear in accents or within accessories, since it does not always complement my skin tone depending on the hue, type of fabric. The skirt is a silk 1960s vintage Oscar de la Renta, and it is a tad too large and rather long, hitting a bit below my knee; would not recommend this look for most people, but I manage to belt the top tightly around my waist and have very long legs, so I manage to make it work for me. Also, I had found this skirt at a nearby consignment shop for a mere 8$, so I pretty much had to purchase it and create some look with it. The awkward skirt length has been increasingly popular in various street style looks. If you are taller, and don't mind some heels, it can be pulled off, but nothing makes already short legs look more squat than cutting them beneath the knee with skirt fabric.

My photo shoot cocktail: traditional gimlet. It is difficult to tell in those images, but the stem of that vintage cocktail and champagne glass is hollow. Absolutely beautiful glasses, and a great look when drinking a lightly tinted cocktail, such as the Rose's Lime Juice or some cranberry. My mother found a set of two at a small antique shop on the eastern shore, and bought them for me for Christmas.

Fuller image of the skirt, and the camel color leather belt with broad gold buckle I wore with it, again to cinch the waist and to help with the fit.

My silver heels from the Christmas party; they are a medium heel, which can be difficult to find, so are quite comfortable for an evening of walking and standing.

The lucite chandelier necklace and the lucite bangles. The bangle in the background is actually clear lucite, encasing a piece of shining aluminum foil. My roommate from university and one of my all time best friends purchased that bangle for me, as a birthday present, while we were still in school, and I definitely get a lot of use out of it. She understands my style very well. The necklace was found at an outdoor street market on the Upper West, for a surprisingly good price, given its unique look and the typical NYC prices.

Last, but not least, my white boxer dress, which has definitely been showcased at a number of dinner parties and cocktail soirees. This dress was quite a puzzle to learn how to put on, initially, and how to hang neatly; I adore how it drapes, how it is elusively fitted, yet also rather loose, and is quite the perfect length, again, especially for my longer legs. Generally, I have worn this with some opaque black tights, but to create a monochromatic look with the heels for the Christmas party, opted for an opaque light charcoal. I have some indigo and purple tights as well, which I may try one day, and which would add even more spunk to a dress like this.


  1. LOVE THIS BLOG ! ex-specially this post. more pictures, please !!!!!

  2. This is fantastic!