Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Lusting

The lusting in this post is not for hunks of testosterone pumping man meat; I enjoy a fine specimen just as much as the next young lady, maybe a bit more if he happens to be a lacrosse player, but lately I have been more than sated with the brains and brawn of the dear filmmaker. No, not muscles and flesh, here I am lusting after beautiful and luxurious animal hides. Fur lust.

On Saturday afternoon, I headed with the filmmaker to the town over to do some vintage shopping and some book browsing; I stopped into a small shop called Once and Again to explore a costume jewelry sale, and stumbled upon an entire rack of full length, thick fur coats. This first one is a warm caramel, speckled with some deeper chocolate tones. It was as soft as it appears, and silk-lined.

This color is so warm, so different from many furs that I see. I would love to be able to pair this caramel kiss with my all black ensembles and a pair of deep brown leather riding boots, or my new black suede lace-up booties. Unfortunately, I have no idea what type of fur this is, and did not think to ask the old lady shop women; they were quite occupied loitering around and gossiping with one another, and I did not want to interfere with town news.

Here is my fur jacket obsession number two, also full length, these colors a bit more of contrast between the butter cream fur and the deeper brown and black undertones. With this shade, I imagine a jewel-toned purple cocktail dress, or perhaps a monochromatic ruby look. All black would obviously work wonders as well. Again, alas, no clue what this animal was in some past life.

This photograph, despite numerous efforts, did not turn out as well as I would have liked; what it is meant to highlight is the price tag, which reads 890$. Some of the others, including this ebony-wood colored long magnificent number, were over 1000$. So, that should answer your question, indeed, I stroked and photographed these luscious jackets but indulged no further in them, and somehow managed to pull myself away without tears or deep emotional scars. Fur remains, for many people, one of those controversial fashion choices. I, for one, never intend to forgo leather shoes or belts or handbags, and thus do not really see the issue with fur; other people seem to forget that leather is merely treated cow hide and another version of fur. The controversy does not seem to be lifting any time soon, so buying consigned or vintage fur is a nice compromise option if the qualms persist.


  1. i love these. and i really like the idea of buying fur second hand.

    is this the shop we went to when i came to visit you?

  2. this shop is actually in the town next to mine, a place called madison, or, the rose city. it is a darling little town. i got some earrings here, right after i took all these photographs. i will have to post some images of them.

  3. Ah, vintage fur. You know my love for these former animals- especially that top one! I have yet to wear mine from my grandmother- a large fur stole/throw that doesn't quite work with causal outfits. Come to RVA to help me style it!