Monday, January 31, 2011

Technology Update

Deliriously fevered anticipation can now be abated, a thunderous tumult of emotions calmed: picture posts of my funemployment fashions, foibles, and adventures will now ensue.

No, I have not taken my precious government mandated funds and gone on a digital camera shopping spree (though, truth be told, the choppy waves of the past few months at the firm are quieting, I have been placed on a new account, and finances are more stable, so I may soon leave the pity-party of the unemployed hand-out; more on this later). Honestly, despite my desires to share these experiences visually, I would be much more likely to take that money and bust into some new leather boots. While my professional life has been temporarily floundering, my romantic life has taken a pleasant and admittedly infrequent turn towards flourishing: I have my first, brand new, very non-thrifted handsome and dashing and sweeter than honey boyfriend, after years of trying on, discarding, and being taken to the cleaners by a plethora of jerks and idiots. His identity, for the time being, will remain a mystery until a proper pseudonym can be created; he is also a victim of this rather desperate and dire economic climate, and is in the midst of clever plans to fake his own death and expatriate in order to avoid mountainous school loans.

New boyfriend, the philosopher, poet, and filmmaker, has been so kind as to lend me, for an indeterminate period of time, a digital camera, temporarily and stealthily borrowed from a local library, where he had been teaching digital photography classes to young children. Generous and a mentor to small, impressionable children; this sort of swooning and bragging will become a pervasive theme. Anyway, enough important tangential asides, be prepared for some eye candy in the coming posts.

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